"What's the point of leaving the earth unnoticed. I intend to leave a memory
of myself in the minds of others."


Our Projects

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"Barry develops content with a clear strategic vision and then writes in a compelling, almost poetic voice. Every word feels right to me. He’s a great listener and critical independent thinker – both skills are useful for achieving my goals. I trust his judgment and always enjoy reading whatever he writes."


Contemporary Wet-Plate Collodion Fine Art Photographer



As a freelance creative consultancy, BCreative Consulting gets involved in many unique projects specific to the needs of our clients. We enjoy insightful conversations, positive client relationships and heralding the authentic meaning and value at the core of all creative efforts. It’s a powerful opportunity – and a great challenge – to inspire an audience. 

And we love being part of that process. 

Do you have a project that needs some strategic help?  Or a good story?