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Brent Ray Fraser is a daredevil pop artist creating paintings and performance art pieces that put his whole self into the act. Fraser’s body-conscious performance art work was a popular stand out on France’s Got Talent and he has widely exhibited his prints and paintings. In the vein of his heroes Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Brent likes to break barriers and poke the sensibility of what makes for a smart art piece.  A novel artist who brings a lot of joy to his work.

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 ” In the current art market, the genre term for what Fraser is doing is ‘Pop Surrealism’. It’s a street art rebellion against the rules that art must be cold and dull – dryly intellectual – to qualify as high brow. In this current age of excess when sex is so much part of the public square, why should art be tame?” 

Barry Dumka 



The Pop Art Provocateur

There’s a cacophony of crazy pop culture going on these days – a hot pot stew of steaming sexuality, oozing liberty and deliciously over-the-top individuality– and Brent Ray Fraser is making the most of it when making his art. Fraser is catching the light of this sexed-up, in-your-face, self-glorious digital age and turning it into a rainbow of colourful art pieces and novel performances crackling with pop energy and sensual pleasures. Twenty-first century creative freedom just found its cockyboy liberator. He even looks like a superhero.

Fraser’s theatricality is something to consider. Behind the scenes, there’s a strong arm tug-of-war going on between the shy, curious nerd that Fraser was as a kid and the risk-taking adult performance artist he has become: one works privately and diligently on his art; the other is tits-up and all for show. It’s a wonder there’s not any conflict between his aw-shucks gentleness and his brazen daredevil spirit. Fraser seems to resolve this challenge by using his whole body as part of his art process and by making his whole life into an art piece. In this way, he’s practicing the German ideal known as ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ – “life as a total work of art”. Don’t worry about the pronunciation – it’s the ethos that matters. As Fraser himself has said, his talent is “a full-body experience”.

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