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For this major redevelopment of a classic heritage property in downtown Vancouver dating to 1907 into a sleek, modern hotel, BCreative Consulting was brought on to provide a complete package of original artwork for all the guest rooms and common areas. Inspired by the project brief put forward by the hotel’s distinguished interior design team, and the developer’s keen interest in making use of local artists and Vancouver’s often neglected history as a creative hub, BCreative Consulting assembled a collection of distinct works – almost all exclusively created for this project – that are aesthetically appropriate for the chic interior design and also resonant of Vancouver’s history.  

The scope of the project is huge with the existing office structure being gutted, the Edwardian-era facade preserved, and the 7-story interiors converted into over 50 stylish guest apartments targeted to a younger demographic seeking a stylish urban environment for medium to long term stays. The artwork package includes original pieces by many Vancouver artists who have smartly reinterpreted Vancouver’s rich cultural history and transformed the story of the city into exceptional art pieces. Throughout our development of the artwork package, BCreative was privileged to work alongside BOX Interiors who have earned a stellar reputation for their innovative, style-forward interiors. Our artwork package was helpfully inspired by their chic interior aesthetic. And we drew upon the fascinating history of this Pender Street heritage property which was originally occupied by a printing press and fashion wholesalers. 

After completing the artwork package, this hotel project has been delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. 

Given the hotel’s heritage status and connection to the history of Vancouver, the client wanted the artwork package to somehow artistically reference the city’s early icons and story while making the artwork appealing to a contemporary stylish audience. From that client brief, we developed a gorgeous collection of custom original pieces that reimagine Vancouver’s pioneering creative history with chic glamorous style. Site specific art is a complex design challenge but the results show the creative excellence at the heart of Vancouver’s history.

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Copywriting + Ghost Writing

What you say matters.
BCreative Consulting provides our clients a wide range of written and ghostwritten material to achieve their messaging goals. The key is to write with an audience in mind. Emotion, authenticity and storytelling all play a part in capturing the attention and loyalty of others.
For artists, personal brands and small businesses, the story of their creative individuality - the vital core of their identity - is a powerful opportunity to connect what they do with others. Your audience wants to be informed and inspired. Go at it with gusto.

Content Creation + Marketing

What you share matters.
BCreative Consulting works with our clients to shape the image and stories they share in this social media-fuelled marketing age. Digital storytelling - involving written and visual content - is one of the most effective methods for growing audience engagement, developing your brand presence and driving sales. Compelling content earns you stature, inspires trust and stokes curiosity and loyalty. But you have to think about your audience as much as yourself. Still, even the most personal stories can have universal appeal. Be relatable and be inspiring.

Art Consulting + Event Curation

What others experience matters.
BCreative provides art consulting and event curation services for select projects to create aesthetically appealing and client-focused experiences.
With extensive art consulting and project management experience for residential, commercial and hospitality projects throughout North America, we know the vision and strategic choices necessary to create exceptional art collections.
Sales-focused creative events also require strategic planning and a purposeful vision. To create lasting value, it's essential to make a beautiful first impression.


As a freelance creative consultancy, BCreative Consulting gets involved in many unique projects specific to the needs of our clients. We enjoy insightful conversations, positive client relationships and heralding the authentic meaning and value at the core of all creative efforts. It’s a powerful opportunity – and a great challenge – to inspire an audience. And we love being part of that process. 

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