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The Cut Fashion Academy is creating new opportunities for the next generation of fashion designers and fashion industry leaders  through a rigorous educational program offered at their state-of-the-art Vancouver design school. BCreative worked with The Cut on all aspects of their messaging and marketing  including copywriting for the school’s marketing brochures, website and blog. In the competitive world of fashion, advancing a career requires not only superior design skills but also key insights into media and marketing strategies. The Cut is comprehensive in its teaching approach and it was inspiring to hear the stories of  so many young creatives eager to advance their own designs. 

 Flavour Your Product Descriptions: When selling clothes online, don’t just show them, describe them in a fresh and interesting way. Product descriptions are the unsung heroes of smart marketing hype. And that message is perfectly placed – right next to what someone is considering purchasing – to have maximum impact on your audience’s emotional engagement. Make this key opportunity a meaningful moment to express something engaging about your product and brand.”

– Barry Dumka



Content Strategy Tips

Fashion marketing is often a visual explosion with every dress, shoe and fall collection needing its paparazzi moment. While beautiful photos are a necessity for feeding all your content platforms, don’t forget about the power of words for building a meaningful connection with your social media audience. Words, stories, ideas and emotions engage people in a way that a hot shot photo rarely does. Here are some points that will help your content break out from the pack and resonate with people in a more engaging way –


Make It An Experience To Remember – A cute outfit, or sexy pair of jeans, or killer jacket are great to own but what matters most is the experience you (or your customers) have wearing them. Write about those experiences – the weekend away, the hot date, the art museum or concert you saw. And weave in the way your clothes made you feel, how they added to what made the event memorable.


Get Personal – Brands are boring the more aloof and clinical they are. Content marketing that shares a more personal and authentic message is stickier and sparks an audience in a more relatable way. Tell a story that matters to you, fill it with truth and emotion, and people with feel more personally invested in your brand.


— (end of excerpt)



Our Services

Copywriting + Ghost Writing

What you say matters.
BCreative Consulting provides our clients a wide range of written and ghostwritten material to achieve their messaging goals. The key is to write with an audience in mind. Emotion, authenticity and storytelling all play a part in capturing the attention and loyalty of others.
For artists, personal brands and small businesses, the story of their creative individuality - the vital core of their identity - is a powerful opportunity to connect what they do with others. Your audience wants to be informed and inspired. Go at it with gusto.

Content Creation + Marketing

What you share matters.
BCreative Consulting works with our clients to shape the image and stories they share in this social media-fuelled marketing age. Digital storytelling - involving written and visual content - is one of the most effective methods for growing audience engagement, developing your brand presence and driving sales. Compelling content earns you stature, inspires trust and stokes curiosity and loyalty. But you have to think about your audience as much as yourself. Still, even the most personal stories can have universal appeal. Be relatable and be inspiring.

Art Consulting + Event Curation

What others experience matters.
BCreative provides art consulting and event curation services for select projects to create aesthetically appealing and client-focused experiences.
With extensive art consulting and project management experience for residential, commercial and hospitality projects throughout North America, we know the vision and strategic choices necessary to create exceptional art collections.
Sales-focused creative events also require strategic planning and a purposeful vision. To create lasting value, it's essential to make a beautiful first impression.


As a freelance creative consultancy, BCreative Consulting gets involved in many unique projects specific to the needs of our clients. We enjoy insightful conversations, positive client relationships and heralding the authentic meaning and value at the core of all creative efforts. It’s a powerful opportunity – and a great challenge – to inspire an audience. And we love being part of that process. 

Do you have a project that needs some strategic help?  Or a good story?