Exhibition Essay for MUTUAL



Vancouver-based painter Tanya Slingsby is a master at achieving materiality in the abstracted form and her colours, in some cases mellifluously soft, bloom with beauty. For Slingsby’s exhibition, Mutual, BCreative worked with Tanya to bring attention to what resonates most profoundly in her work.  The sculptural grace of her abstracted work is captivating when seen up close.  



Exhibition Essay for MUTUAL

In Mutual, Tanya Slingsby and Christine Breakell-Lee – who both work out of a joined studio space in the historic 1000 Parker building – engage in a shared creative conversation about the intersection between the personal and transcendental potential in abstract art. Each has her own loyalties and influences and way of communicating the visual language of abstraction. But Slingsby and Breakell-Lee are equally determined to express abstract art’s fundamental power to provoke memory and emotion and enhance our awareness of the primal energies still contained in forms and colours and the spatial relationships between them. The exhibition is potent and intriguing and expressively beautiful. 


For Slingsby, her work is a means of engaging the primal force in the human condition, the way we still respond to shapes and colour in a profound, head-rattling way. As a pure formalist, Slingsby isn’t trying to convey her own narrative or ego through the work. Instead, her surfaces alone are intended to speak volumes about abstract art’s universal relevance and vitality. For Slingsby, it’s “the meditative and reverential power” of non-representational art that matters most. The swirling, looping, brightly-jewelled paintings in her Meridian series have the spiritual impact of stained glass windows told in abstract form. And her carefully-crafted pieces using proprietary pigment emulsions appear like timeless symbols that escape easy meaning. Enclosed in layers of supple Titanium white, Slingsby’s evocative colours stand out as wondrous and mesmerizing. They act as compelling visual devices intended to spark self-revelation in a viewer. Slingsby’s work here is sublime.

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