The Meditative Experience In Landscape Photography



 Scott Reither has earned more individual awards at the International Photography Awards (over 40) than any other photographer. But that statistic doesn’t convey the deeper value that Reither’s photography means to his own private emotional journey and how he experiences these vital places he brilliantly captures in his camera. Born in California and now based in Maui, Reither has a fascinating and deeply profound connection to his art. It was an honour to work with him on this writing project and hear first hand how his family, his photography and his experience of our fragile world matters to the arc of his life.  


 “Reither’s compositions are skilfully executed to be meditative more than contemplative – in a way, there is nothing to think here but everything to feel. Reither’s photographs are intended to bring the viewer into alignment with the power of the present moment. Their deceiving simplicity is part of their strength. The stillness, peacefulness and pure beauty in each photograph is calculated to provoke a more personally introspective consideration of what it means to be present and aware.”  

– Barry Dumka 



The Meditative Experience In Landscape Photgraphy

To become aware of the subtlety of nature you need to be alert. The moment you become alert you become still… thinking subsides. That is actually a higher state of consciousness than thinking. 

– Eckhart Tolle 


The conspicuous beauty in Scott Reither’s photographs is only the beginning of their alluring appeal to the senses. Reither has the deft ability to show more than what is initially observed. When considered carefully, Reither’s photographs can be transformative. It all depends on how you look at them and what you’re looking for. Consciousness matters as much as composition, color or the specific location of each scene. The work is meant as a meditative exercise on purity, on what it means to be present and aware. 


Reither’s more than 40 individual honors at the International Photography Awards – the Oscars for the camera crowd – certainly prove the value in the way he pays attention. But such recognition is the corollary and not the cause of the work – the reward for Reither is when his photographs move others to emotion and awareness. Reither came to his career as a fine art photographer by way of his love for exploration. Born in Carmel and raised in Monterey, Reither happily fell under the spell of Big Sur – the idyllic stretch of the California coast that once inspired Edward Weston in his photographic journey. In his late 20s, Reither set out for an extended ramble through southeast Asia with a camera as an afterthought. Once cracked open to experience, he learned to express through imagery what it means to be viscerally alive and to show with his camera what is true to his heart. The first photograph he ever sold was of a temple in Vietnam. His work has been spiritually grounded from the start.


— (end of excerpt)



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