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BCreative worked with Vancouver-based photographer Henry Mah on biographical material for his website. For his fine art photography projects, Mah works within the photographic tradition of the Vancouver School though his images hang on the hazy balance between happenstance and scenes he has in some manner cunningly constructed. Mah is a very perceptive photographer and it was great to hear his stories of his many visits to the Burning Man festival, which has also served him as muse and subject.  

In his current art photography practice, Mah relies on both instinct and precalculation to survey vernacular scenes and urban topographies. Using natural light and available subjects, Mah’s photographs suggest an artful objectivity as he seeks to find the curious in the commonplace and the charged mystery in chance moments. As a street photographer with a formalist bent, Mah’s willfully casual portraits of people caught unaware and unvarnished feel both detached and intimate. In such images as Lunch, Beachcomber and Drawing Melbourne Skyline, the banal acquires a heightened sense of reality. Each feels enigmatic, containing secrets.

– Barry Dumka 

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