The Value of What Gets Left Behind



For UK-based fine art photographer Darren Nisbett,  he likes discovering abandoned spaces and re-purposing their value through his photography. There is always lingering value in what gets left behind. Nisbett earned media attention for his evocative series of images photographed in Pripyat, Ukraine which is the deserted city closest to the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. Nisbett’s stories from the time he spent in the exclusion zone – among buildings now re-greened with trees and vegetative growth and along streets frequented now by wild animals – is haunting. Nisbett is sensitive to the places that many others simply forget.  BCreative had the chance to work with Darren on several marketing efforts and also this essay to elevate the meaning and value in the way he sees a crumbling world still ripe with potential.

 “Nisbett’s work in Archeology is another treasure hunt for meaning among places now lost to the outside world. We are often blind to the fragile beauty in the archeological ruins of everyday lives. The lingering value in what gets left behind. His image “TV Set” is sorrowful but resilient – the now three-legged sputnik-era tv set looks like the last sentinel of a less ostentatious age. So much in Nisbett’s view feels stalwart. These things, like memory itself, endures.

– Barry Dumka  



The Value of What Gets Left Behind

What is it about derelict buildings and deserted places that attract some people. They get lured in by absence and emptiness often looking for a cheap thrill.  An adrenaline rush of danger. The connection is often more visceral than poignant. Darren Nisbett comes upon these places with a more purposeful intent and finds them still fertile with creative possibilities. He spies the heart in them in unexpected ways.


Nisbett’s photographs certainly betray an adventurous spirit willing to kick around in rough corners. But he also sensitively marks these scenes with an elegiac grit. The light falls gracefully. The mood is contemplative. The opportunity for meaning very personal. Nisbett represents more than merely what he found. The photographs are an evocation of the experience of loss and memory and making sense of our place in an ecological system forever changing, with or without us.


— (end of excerpt)



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